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Welcome to Jessica Godshall's Wellness Community!

jessica goldshall


This is a private support group for those awakening and conscious leaders, my goal is to provide purposeful resources to you. Just close your eyes, it's already there. If you haven't done so already, connect with your fellow purposeful Mokshi's (freedom-seekers). 

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What can you expect to learn?

✔ Yoga + Breathwork + EFT Tapping
✔ Self-Care Tips
✔ Minimalism
✔ Time management and productivity
✔ Developing your growth mindset

I am living proof that once you let go, and it comes to you energetically.

My name is Jess Godshall. Ganga Jaya is my spiritual name from my Guru, Ma-Jaya I received at the age of 15. I am your host. I am the owner of Jessica Godshall Wellness.

I am dedicated to helping conscious leaders. I provide people the resources they need to turn their old programs flat and renew themselves.

My clients have seen beautiful progress in their life, just check out my testimonials!

I support my clients through 1:1 wellness consulting, events, resources, and group experiences.

What do you get?

✔ Weekly motivation
✔ A safe place to share your thoughts, goals, wins, and fears
✔ The opportunity to collaborate with other like-minded people
✔ A place to share your content and provide value


Are you ready for lifestyle change and betterment? 

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