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Āsana: Introduction to Yoga


Āsana Yogic - physical posture, recommended in Haṭha Yoga as one of the aids to concentration. 

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Yoga usually translated as “to yoke,” yoga comes from two different senses of the word yuj: one in the sense of samādhi, or concentration, and one in the sense of to yoke or to join. There’s a widespread misconception that the word yoga only means “union,” but it also means “method or technique.” “The goal of the practice is the realization that of the eternal oneness of ātman and brahman that we mistakenly believed are separate,” I believe, “Yoga doesn’t create a union, it reveals that it’s been there all along.

Personal yoga instruction can be beneficial for every type of yoga practitioner. Beginners, those with therapeutic needs, and advanced practitioners can all glean deep feelings of wellbeing from spending one-on-one time with an experienced yoga teacher. These types of sessions allow for us to build working relationships while examining and identifying specific needs, facilitate learning the beneficial and fun sacred practice of yoga.